ARIA's instant overhead vs arbiter

Looks like ARIA’s get to abuse her instant overheads vs another character. Gotta say life is good. Poor arby…forever instant.

Anybody come up with anything yet?

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Do you have a list of characters we can instant overhead with j.HK? I assume Gargos, Raam, Glacius, Eyedol, Thunder, Aganos… anybody else?

You can use instant vs any character that’s standing. Simple there. It’s crouching characters that need to be looked at.

Basically almost any character can eat ARIA’s metal boot to the face even while crouching. There are some exceptions however.

Orchid, Kan-ra, Hisako and ARIA herself are just some examples where her boot will whiff regardless in a neutral state.

I won’t dive into more specific things like “low profiling it” or whatever. Those things CAN happen…but it’s not exactly super common thing. I mean you could argue “what about DP’s?” Well that’s a dP…you lost regardless there.

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What do you guys mean when you’re saying Instant overhead ?

An instant overhead is a jumping attack than can be used on the way up during your jump and still hit crouching opponents. For Aria her jumping heavy kick can be done immediately after you press up to jump and it’ll come out fast enough and low enough to hit certain characters crouching.

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