Hi @developers
Im really curious about to know who is behind the Guy in the team, who is behind this magnificent creation with plenty tools and hided techs? that’s just unbelieveable all she can do, that deal no much damages but its greatly enough for what that is as tools.

Just to let you know that ive never feel that way before with a character, its so fun and risky to play her :heart_eyes: and overall when I drop a unseen before techs to others great day one aria players, they are like what just happens?? lomfao
cause I noticed that many aria good player only use her as a rushdonw character, does they even know that aria is one of the best zoning character? and has a great devilish mid range game also.

So let me know who is the man behind aria cause I need a personal PRIVATE mesage talk with this magnificent guy :wink:
@rukizzel this guy is just a GENIUS to me, how could he imagine a character able to fight in any situations with all the risk rewards with it. so I need to know more about her.

also if anyone of you guys know it let me know , thank you

Yeap, you would love to create an Aria XD

Fighting Aria kind of drives me crazy. I don’t hate the mu, I find it really challenging. Still, it can be hard. Wish I could watch all the MUs the same way and with the same spirit.

Now there would be a great remix character mold