Aria vs Gargos

In Aria’s story ending the portal opens and Gargos is set to appear and Aria being programmed to protect humanity at any cost, do you think the season 3 cli.max will lead up to an Aria vs Gargos boss on boss fight and if so who should win?

  • Aria
  • Gargos
  • Not sure
  • No one

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Gargos and his new minion Kan-Ra and a resurrected zombie Sadira will easily take over Ultratech forces. Only buddy cops Aganos and Thunder can face the forces of evil, while the Tiger siblings Jago and Orchid unleash their inner power to seal Gargos away.

For that they’ll need the help of Maya, who knows where the original ancient Tiger shrine is. TJ will inflitrate Ultratech to hijack ARIA’s main frame and steal her power core with the help of Glacius data files, who agrees to help the humans as long as the situation is under control, because the threat of an orbital strike is imminent, Glacius won’t allow Gargos soldiers to get their hands on his powerful technology.

Earth is a planet with too much magic sources where Extradimensional beings can appear, so the galactic federation will strike if the security of Milky Way zone is compromised.


Isn’t Orchid Dead?

Yes, in all likelihood but not exactly sure who will emerge the victor in the end of Season 3

More than likely no one. Because ARIA might be destroyed by Gargos or eithe rone of them may be destoryed by someone else.

Would be a twist to see Eyedoll come back right at the end and destroy both Aria and Gargos while they’re both weakened from the intense fighting.


All shall bow before Gargos. But seriously Gargos story wise is supposed to be equivalent to a god, having him be defeated by Aria would be a pretty anticlimactic outcome. I say he defeats Aria but she manages to weaken him then someone from the rest of the cast comes in to finish the job.

I have a feel ling that the ending will depend on the character you use for story mode. If you choose a character aligned with Ultratech, ARIA will likely be triumphant. Pick on of the Gargos aligned characters, and he will win. Pick a character that is aligned with neither, and the outcome will be something completely different.


ARIA isn’t going to dirty her own hands, she has the world’s largest corporation with the most advanced technology as her disposal. She’ll use her creations and possibly Eyedol to combat Gargos’ invasion.

Great question…

Aria’s been planning for this showdown for ages, and is willing to do whatever it takes to save humanity, no matter the ethical, moral, or physical costs. She’s practically Dr. Doom with Prep.

On the other hand, Gargos is a quantity that Aria can’t totally plan for. The only real measure of Gargos’ s power that she’s truly dealt with before is Omen, and he was merely a Herald. So I guess Gargos has the upper hand.

But again who’s to say Gargos won’t totally underestimate what Aria is capable of. I mean he’s basically an evil cosmic being of unspeakable power (very Lovecraftian to be honest). He probably looks at everything with total contempt. He may not go all out because he doesn’t see the point and that could be his undoing as well.

Yeah I can see that working pretty well.

I can only see this happening with a season4 on the rise. XD

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I hope so if Eyedoll’s not playerable in season 3 I’d atleast like him to be a tease for season 4.

if they even have a season4 we can expect that.

Personally I’d rather they put him in season3.


Its possible for Aria to be “defeated” yet still exist elsewhere her being an AI and all, but if Gargos is destroyed then that’s that.

Yea I agree completely. I really hope he’s just in Season 3.

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i think its disrespecting ki to make aria stronger. I really dont think they will though because the kan ra ending made it seem like gargos is the worst threat possible. Which is how it should be.

I wouldn’t say that. Sure ARIA’s a new character but she’s just as muc a part of KI as argos. But I can understand where you’re comin from because he was a boss in one of the older games. Wile I personally am not that fond of KI2, I do expect Gargos to be alot to deal with. To be honest I expect Orchid and Jago to play a role in taking him down just like in the older games. A nice call back and I think Jago deserves a shot at making Gargos pay for all the BS he’s been put through.

I think chances are, who ever wins it won’t be ARIA or Gargos.

ARIA deserves to be the one to do it. Ultratech finally accomplishing what it’s always needed. Save humanity. Not the typical way either. The rebels can join with her to defeat gargos. After that’s over then they can either evolve…or die…make your choice.

Wait what? How?