ARIA Voice Change Suggestion? Community Involvement?


Re-record the entire VO session with a new female actor, if one was used. :stuck_out_tongue: Perhaps even hold a contest to have someone from the KI community do it. I don’t think you’re taking away from the game’s integrity by making ARIA sound more human. Compared to the other two announcers she is obviously very quiet and the voice as an announcer sounds timid and whisper-like.

I would like to have seen community focus group or involvement in deciding the final voice, a best two of three or a vote.

Mike - Excited
ARIA - Bashful - SPEAK UP! :smile:

Anyone else agree or feel differently, feel free to reply.

Quake annoucer + shodan

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What moonlightninja said.


I like the quiet whisper like voice, I prefer it to getting yelled at all day.

Yeah brotha, I like that idea. Another announcer wouldn’t be a bad thing.

RKosmik is a great guy on youtube who uploads the dynamic themes of all characters. He gave a try on being a KI announcer. He just needs to work his Ultra out a bit but overall he is nice:

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She’s a robot. She has no emotion to display. I expected her to sound like that. I like it though. The way she says some things…very innuendo sounding.

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I was super hyped for a female announcer, it really turned out to be one of my personal biggest dissapointments about season 2…yeah yeah she is a robot, but at least stick with the theme of “Hype” announcers…Glados has more umph in her voice work.

I was hoping for something similar to this…

Yikes…I’ll pass on that.

Not THAT far over into the questionable side! LOL. If they do revisit the ARIA voice I’d just say make it a bit similar to the current options with Mike and Chris. She is indeed a robot, but she’s perfectly capable of synthesizing an Arena style voice, definitely not UT Style, but something fitting for K.I. The idea is falling on deaf ears, I’m sure. the decision was already made, the audio recorded and the game built around that. One can hope though, perhaps Season 4.

She actually sounds different on the character select screen when selecting characters from 1p to 2p.