Aria vertical dp

Is there a way to beat Aria vertical dp ? Or just have to respect it. I tried thunder heavy punch jumping cross up but can’t beat it.

Have to respect it. The hitbox on it is pretty balls though, so as long as you’re not right on top of her it’ll whiff.

You can’t beat it but thunder can pressure her safely without having to worry about it. Do a combo, use the damage ender, hold up forward during the ender animation so that thunder jumps on the first possible frame, meaty her with a jumping hk, hold down back for a tiny bit, react to what happened.
If she did her vertical boost your hk will whiff through her invincibility frames but you’ll land fast enough to block before it hits you. If she doesn’t do her boost your hk will hit her putting her into enough hit/block stun for you to react and either confirm, apply more pressure, or land a command grab.
Her only escape is to back dash but you can catch that with triple axe if you know she isn’t going to boost.

You have to respect it, bur it has a very small front hitbox, so backdash, back jump or staying out of her range and waiting are good options. She can use it only in booster body, so expect it, bait it, and punish it, specially in the corner, as her backdash is less useful there