ARIA Ultimate Predictions

Alright so we know ARIA is getting an Ultimate in the Ultra Pack on May 2nd. The Ultimate will probably revealed the Monday after next (since tomorrow is probably going to be Riptor) so I think it’d be fun to do some guesstimating as to what it will be.

I think ARIA is a prime candidate for a Tag Team Fatality akin to Noob Saibot or TriBorg, using each of her bodies as separate entities. Using each body’s unique tools, she’ll assault the opponent from all directions. Bonus cool points if she makes her opponent “upload” like when she’s transitioning bodies.


All I hope is that she does a flashy back hand before the finishing blow.

I say they should have her droids turn into a weapon of some sort.

All of the drones turn into copies of ARIA and beat up the opponent.

She is probably going to download them.

The Ultimate is really sick. Think anime with it. thats all i can say :slight_smile: Riptors is funny but cool

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ARIA will flash her robot bosoms like Orchid in the first KI.

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Kiss of death. Batman Returns style.

I don’t watch anime so I’m out of clues lol.

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lol The original post is close in a way. i cant say more. wait till next week to find out

Keeping expectations in line with track record, I’d say she launches the opponent and flies by them or bass assist trips them up