Aria Option Select

Hey guys,

Recently I’ve been in the lab trying to find some new techs with her. I was mainly focusing on finding option select on to stuff opponent backdash and wake up without using her drones. I was trying to figure something out with her shotgun blitz/hvy explosive arc but nothing seems to be working so far. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Do you guys have any option select that you use even if they are character specific ?

ARIA in blade body should be able to catch most backdashes.

What I mean is if they block I was hoping to do heavy explosive arc and if they backdash to catch them with shotgun knee or med alegro something like that but it’s not working.

Or you could make a read on what they’re going to do and use the move you think will catch them… you know, like you’re supposed to.

Dude what do you think is the point of an option select… It’s to catch both option…

Yes. An option select allows you to benefit from the game’s buffer window or input ambiguity by covering multiple options with no thought, decision-making or predictive skill on your part. This is used in games built around the concept of player knowledge, intuition and risk/reward analysis.

How anyone thinks option selects have a place in fighting games is beyond me.

While I know what an OS is, it is still somewhat of a mystery to me in the sense that I’ve never actively looked for them, and don’t even know if I’ve accidentally done them before.