HI guys,

Ive noticed something with the various Dps from Aria blade body.

The heavy and medium version come out without any problems, but the light version is like bugy.

for been sure ive been playing thunder, jago, fulgore to compare.
With thunder I can make a full screen juggles mix light medium and heavy Dp and the light come out without any problem ,fulgore and jago also I can Light Dp without problem.

and I can even go full screen only spamming light Dps with these characters and it respond instantly .

But when I try to do the same with Aria it don’t come out as needed sometime I see her standing and just spam light punch lomfao.
@Infilament can you try this please and give me a response, so I know if its a buffer problem of now and I could report it into the bug thread.,
Thank you

Calling Aria “m.aria” could be confusing when you speak about buttons, like you are doing with this case.

I would suggest you to call her by her name, which is the best way to praise the great work devs did with her


you right bro, I changed it. lol that’s just the weight of love whos overboard me :heart_eyes: . I wish you this feeling with a character.

So can you help on that subject?

Unfortunately no, I can’t help you without seeing it [quote=“G0tei13Izaragi, post:3, topic:21441”]
that’s just the weight of love whos overboard me :heart_eyes: . I wish you this feeling with a character

Aganos, Gargos and Eyedol fill that spot :wink:

Maybe you can provide a video with commands on to watch if there is something wrong with Aria’s l. Dp?

Seems like you like extra big males characters lol lol JK :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: #feelthatspot ahahahahahhaha

ok seriously

I wil do it with all four characters so peoples see what happen.

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I haven’t had any extra problems getting aria light DP to come out, but I also don’t play the character a lot. I would imagine the game is using the same input detector for those move that it uses for all the other DPs in the game, so it’s probably your execution.

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:confounded: I feel so stupid now :pensive: cause I can barely joke with the light dp from thunder ,jago and fulgore but with aria it come out 1/2,
By the way :smirk: as ender it always come out without problem lol . even if I use light heavy or m P.

Quickly executing a DP motion in an actual match in response to whatever your opponent did is harder than doing so in training, so often the situations that you DP with Aria are harder to do AND more costly and noticeable when you fail.

This has the psychological effect of you thinking that DP is harder because when you do it, it IS harder as you have much more of a time limit. Because you’re more worried about it you’re more conscious of the input and it is less fluid, so your perceptions become reality.

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