ARIA hidden stuff?

So I’m plugging away here and came across a few things.

  1. When in instinct ARIA either gets more KV potential or a dmg increase
  2. When you switch bodies you can block on the first frame available but not attack?
  3. drones don’t take extra dmg
  4. HSB is already -8 on block. (I read this wrong, disregard.)
  5. her shadow allergo is the fastest move in the game (1f)
  6. ARIA’s blade causes chip dmg.
  7. Booster drone randomly deals 15/30 dmg (bug?) and also has random psuhback distances on block (also bug?)
  8. Just before instinct ends if you use any body’s special trait (hover, walk, dash etc) you can keep using that part until it’s over (Ie hover even though the booster body is back to drone form)
  9. for some reason you can’t do anything after a shadow dissonance despite being +2 on hit.
    After a throw (midscreen) ARIA can body switch without worrying about retaliation EXCEPT against the following
    Fulgore: SBD and devastation beam will punish your switch attempt (although you can stuff devastation beam with a bass assist if you’re quick enough allowing a safe switch)
    Glacuis: SS (although can you stuff this with either a booster or bass assist for s safe switch, need to be quick though)
    Aganos: Shadow ruin and his shaodw roll move will punish you midscreen as well.
    Everyone else you’re free from harm
    10: If the main body is destroyed while in instinct THE MATCH WILL NOT END (possible bug though since it should right?)
    11: ARIA is the only (known character right?) that has a non shadow linker does that does more then 3 hits which is her explosive arc linker. (disregard)
    12: Drones that are hit don’t build instinct
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Orchid (Flick-flak), Thunder (Triplax), Kan-ra (Whirl), and Omen (Furious flurry) says hi.


Oh yeah, wonder how I missed that.

5: It’s actually tied with Jago and Fulgore’s DPs.
7: Aria’s drones inherite the properties of whatever attack Aria is doing when they hit. For example if bass assist hits during a shadow move all of it’s hits deal more damage, they don’t add KV, and they count as breakable hits during a shadow move. This affects stuff like their damage, pushback, and knockdown. This is a bug that’s getting removed in S3 though.
9: Well Aria would need to have a 1 frame move in order to capitalize on a +2 move. You can continue a combo after it though if you call either bass or instinct drones just before you do the shadow move, they’ll hit just a little bit after the last hit of shadow dissonance giving you the few extra frames needed to connect either a DP or Shadow shotgun blitz.

No, ARIA has the fastest move in the game. She can punish jago’s Light wind kick which is -2 on block with shadow allergo. Jago nor fulgore can punish it with shadow dp.

The booster when thrown out on it’s own randomly does 15/30. There’s nothing else going on. Just the booster by itself.

After shadow dissonance I SHOULD be able link any light attack. That would easily give me a 3 frame window. But I can’t. I can only somehow linker a shadow shotgun blitz…but the timing is REALLY weird.

Edit, nvm ARIAs shadow allergo is a 1f startup move. God damn that is fast. You can punish anything with that thing.

Does ARIA’s wall splat not give cross up opportunities like jago’s?

Huh, I guess it is one frame. Never thought a move that fast existed in the game. As for the shadow dissonance no you shouldn’t be able to link a light. It’s +2 on hit, the fastest light is 5 frames, they’ll always recover in time to block 3 frames before your light hit connects. You can link shadow shotgun blitz because it has really weird properties. I used to think it was just super fast with inaccurate frame data but now I’m thinking that it actually holds characters in hitstun regardless of how many + frames you have. Basically as long as the character is in hitstun during the freeze of a linker version of SSB the game will keep them in hitstun allowing you to land your attack. This is why she can use it to confirm off random air mk.

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Yeah At first I thought shaodw allergo was 2 frames. Then I decided to push that limit…turns out I was punishing a slightly charged blade dash from fulgore (-1) and sadira’s I was surprised. ARIA holds true to her bodies. They really are the best at what they do…literally.

Ah, gotcha Refresh my memory again. Don’t specials (and shadows) get a +5 frame window to link anything after them? Or is that only during the combo sequence? So In that case shouldn’t shadow dissonance grant a +7 advantage where I can link a light attack? Or am I forgetting something?

So…in the command list for her instinct. It says when the instinct ends (canceled or it runs out) the health is evenly distributed between the bodies…but it’s not doing that. When I cancel instinct early there is no health distribution at all.

The +5 frames for manuals only applies to linkers, I wanna say openers also but don’t quote me on that. Either way, shadow dissonance is neither an opener nor a linker, it’s a projectile hit so it doesn’t get the +5 frame window. Though you can technically use it as a psudo-linker for a good chunk of unbreakable damage in your combo, but you’ll have to either continue it with a tight shadow shotgun blitz link or cash out with a shadow allegro since it’s one frame like you said.

Ah, because it’s a projectile. Right…hmmmmm well with the new changes coming tomorrow I should be able to find something or other.

So far I’ve had this happen twice while playing against her.

If Arbiter puts a sticky grenade on her, you can activate her instinct mode, and then the sticky grenade will fall to the ground.

Not entirely worth it to activate instinct just to avoid one grenade, but the option is still there.

ARIA is the onyl character who can cancel status effects such as burnouts, curses and plasma grenades. Though oddly enough body switching doesn’t cancel out mira’s instinct mist for whatever reason.

@TheKeits I have a question or two.

First one, the booster body assist. I thought it had massive pushback on block? Did you guys nerf that pushback with a stealth nerf? Or is it a glitch? Also the description says “causes hardknockdown” which it clearly does not. Another glitch?

Second, her instinct when it disbands (I’m guessing both manually and automatic) does the health not distribute across all drones? The description says it does.

Thrid, kim wu’s dragon projectiles can blow through ARIA’s projectiles? Or is that a glitch too?

Fourth, Is there any chance ARIA’s body switching can NOT occupy space? Similar to how mira’s mist form or omen’s shadow form works? So that the opponent can trval through the the empty space?