Aria Flip out following dont work correctly


I main Maria now since some months, and i noticed something really crucial for her gameplay that does not work correctly, maybe im a wrong but i spend so many hours in lab with her, tried every ender level on every characters, then i noticed that after the arc grenade ender(the launcher ) at minimum level 2 till 4 when i do the flip out in the air on big characters like"" riptor, gargos, eyedol, arbiter, wulf "" my option selet to choose the side i want to land does not work even if i forward dash.
i always appear in front of these characters without any possibility to be other side when i want, what i find strange is the fact that on big characters like raam and aganos it work without any problems.

can the team do something to fixe it please.
almost thank you .

sorry for my english i try my best :sweat:

What exactly is the setup you use that doesn’t work? Tell me the exact steps that work on Jago but don’t work on Gargos.

lab this on jago and gargos,

do any combo then reach the level 2, 3 or 4 do a arc grenade ender, then flip out in the air ,then forward dash for land other side , it work on jago succefully , but not on gargos and other listed big characters you wil always land in front of them.

At level 2 and 4 you can just forward dash after the arc grenade and be at the other side, and this also dont work with theses characters.

Please try it and you wil find out how its annoying to lose that option even if i try with the blade body to throw these characters higher in the air after a ender 2 arc grenade then medium manual + heavy DP then jump and flip out, i always stay in front of them.

Generally all these flip out techs work on all the cast except these listed characters.
Im pretty sure it could be a bug, cause i lost one of my best option.

Thank to take yo time for try to help my couple with my options lol :yum: @Infilament i appreciate it

Try doing st.LK (flipout) canceled into light shotgun knee, depending on how high they are when you hit them with st.LK, you can cross up or not cross up even against Gargos.

EDIT - This mixup is really dirty, I can make it look like I’m on either side pretty easily. Hitting with st.LK early usually means you land on the same side, hitting late means you cross up, but there is a sweet spot in the middle where it’s pretty much impossible to tell where you will land. If all you want is a left/right mixup, use this for Gargos and other big body characters.


i know this well THIS mixup is my devilish one when I use it with the booster body crossup :sunglasses:
Remember MARIA iS MINE now! lol lol :smirk: I got some cheaty techs with her also ahahh.
but this work on everyone, and that’s not the problem, the problem is the other one after the grenade ender “” I need to do my flip out in the air like I do with every characters then chose or not to land in front or behind these big character that’s disturbing and really fast, its a option that has to work its just a bug, or IG should do a correction and allow Maria to be effectif with all her option against these characters.
with the flip out then grenade knee its just too basic for me.

Please can you do something for get quickly corrected.


lol I fight yesterday against a great MARIA day one player and I won 2-1 , lol he was wining 1-0 , then I begon my cheaty techs he was like WTF? hahahha :joy: he text me and said that my aria was ILLEGAL aahahhahaha
MARIA is my ultimate weapon for zoning mid screen full screen shes in the place :kissing_heart: and im that kind of player who like to run away when its dangerous and come fight when I want to be close, so Maria allow me to all these options, the only struggle I got is against heavy damager characters, cause I can lose one drone quickly and all the options with it.

Overall what I like by her is the fact that shes quiet, shes don’t make loud but she kill you for sure if you let her do

I thankx GOD and @developers for this magnificent creation.

Sometimes mixups don’t work on certain body types, this is really, really common across pretty much every fighting game. If your favorite mixup doesn’t work on a character, you’ll just have to use a different one, even if you think it’s more basic. That’s just how it works I’m afraid. I definitely wouldn’t say it’s a bug or unintended that Aria can’t cross up certain bodies, it’s just how it ended up working out when the hitboxes collide with her dash attack, and I don’t see them changing it.

I tried with every body , I spend hours and hours in labs, for tryin to be 100% usefull on all my options.[quote=“Infilament, post:6, topic:21368”]
If your favorite mixup doesn’t work on a character, you’ll just have to use a different one

no pa :cry: don’t say that, cause I like alots to use the grenade arc ender , so from there I m not gonna use two time the same setup on my opponent I try to do many various setups mix ups, and this one is a very strong one, I just cant stand the fact that I can’t do it , just or maybe because of a bug.


they can fix the way aria throw these characters up in the air I mean in theses case " higher projection for these specific character so we are able to do 100% ours setups
I really wish and hope that its a bug.
cause raptor and arbiter are really dangerous opponent so, been unable to use my full potential I cant understand it. look how big hitboxes aganos , raam and thunder are but I still can do it on them without any struggles, I wil say with ease :relieved: , so from there im pretty sure its a coding bug.

you know @Infilament its almost hard to lost a drone , then if i also cannot use one special option that’s very hard and difficult to accept.
overall when i stay with only one body like the blaster one.

It’s not a coding bug, some characters simply have bigger collision boxes in certain situations than others and its completely unrelated to how big that character actually is/looks. For example Kim Wu has a bigger box than Tusk, Rash can tongue cross up over a knocked down Tusk but he can’t do it to a knocked down Kim because she’s too big preventing Rash from switching sides. It’s just a quirk you have to deal with.

No Marias in this game, bro.


Spinal can’t jump over Aganos. It was stated as such when he was released. This isn’t a bug, it’s a natural consequence of different characters having different sizes and jump arcs.

If you can frame step the interaction on a character where it does cross up and see where exactly the cross up happens, and then do the same on a character where it doesn’t cross up and show that it should actually cross up in that situation then you may have more of an argument, but “this should cross up because it does in these situations” isn’t a valid argument in a diverse and intricate fighting game.

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