Aria Combo Video

Just a video showing off some of Aria’s goofyness. None of this is really practical and it’s all easy to break but it’s still pretty fun, good for stylish ultras.


How are you getting your assists to work mid-combo? I was never able to do that…

You just manual the assist calls as though they were heavy manuals, think of them as special cancellable non-hitting command normals. Then you just cancel the summon animation into something that’ll hit fast enough to not drop the combo. It works off all of her openers, heavy linkers, and shadow linkers.

Just need enough frame advantage to get the assist and something else out. Generally you won’t have enough time to just let the assist hit but you can call the assist and still have time to hit a move in certain situations. It is very easy after a heavy grenade arc opener.

Aria’s assist calls are actually normal and special cancelable, so you just need a few extra frames to call the assist before doing a manual. You have a long time after shadow shotgun blitz linker to manual, so I imagine calling bass assist + heavy manual is still pretty lenient.

Neat video! My favorite combos were the ones near the end where you called mini drones and linked a bunch of horizontal crescendos.

That cross-up was so sick!

Thanks, the horizontal crescendos are really easy to link, even though the frame data says they’re only +1 on hit you actually have enough frame advantage to call a drone and land her 20 frame overhead.
Calling the assist after the shadow shotgun is pretty lenient but linking after it not so much. I’ve only been able to get shadow moves, light manuals, and a DP to work. The medium manual barely misses but it always feels like it’s about to hit so unless I’m constantly missing a one frame link I’m assuming that after calling the assist you can only link something with less than 6 frames of start up, If you do somehow get a manual though you can actually leave the combo system mid combo.

That’s odd, because isn’t shadow shotgun really high startup? I imagine it’s considerably worse than 7 frames (or whatever her medium manual is). Maybe the game lets you cancel into special/shadow moves before you can use normals after an assist call?

I would imagine if you can get shadow shotgun to combo, you’d be able to get, like… 12 frame normals to work? But I haven’t played with it at all.

It is really high start up, it’s the second worst shadow counter in the game, but for some reason it works, heck, it’s actually the easiest thing to link, you can input it long after the window for a light manual to connect and it’ll still work, I have no clue why.

This all just shows the hidden potential that characters can have. If more people picked up ARIA, Omen and Aganos, they might find things that would change our impressions of their strength.

Not sure why I never commented. I have watched this video already multiple times. Really beautiful to watch and listen to.

Really inspiring too as I play Aria too.
(I hate efficiency but love the fancy meter burning stuff, lol)