ARIA bugs/typos

So, I’m trying to master miss robo. But some things are fuzzy. Is some of her frame data an error (has to be)? Because I’m getting manuals from explosive arcs during combos which read -3 on hit but I can still do manuals after them. Also is SB her dmg linker? Because I’m getting more dmg from a SSB then I am with SEA…so…what’s the deal? Just typos or what?

Also when I hit manuals the combo text (in training) show it as a normal attack (it doesn’t say heavy manual etc etc). So it’s just errors in the data correct?

Shadow Explosive Arcs are faster and better for lockout combos.

Ya I hear that. I’ll figure that out. But are they fixing any of this frame data stuff? Not just for her. But everyone else as well?

Yeah there is some funky-ness with her frame data. A lot of stuff works that shouldn’t, like for example shadow shotgun blitz has a lot of start up (10 frames?) yet you can use it to link in places where not even a jab can connect fast enough.

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I’m hoping that gets fixed. Things like this. Because it throws me off just looking at the data going “yeah this will work or vice versa” then it turns out to do the opposite. If you body switch ender to bass body it shows it as a battery ender…even though you don’t get any meter from it…