Aria and Arbiter life bars

Don’t know why those 2 characters got a brand new life bar yet the other characters life bars stayed the same. It’s like some of the hud gets updated yet the old season 1 hud stays the same.

I have nearly lost all hope of a fresh new hud. Still waiting for all new font. Will we get a fight font to go with ready? It was in an early season 1 except not the blade font. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to those blade letters! It’s quite frankly ugly to look at! If they weren’t elongated they’d be OK.

There used to be a great trend of people creating there own hud.

With ARIA it’s part of the way she plays so there’s that. As for the Arbiter idk, halo representation I guess. Are you new by any chance? The hud was updated a long while back now

No I’m not new but have been playing this KI since the Thunder build and I have had my eye on the look of KI since then. I’m a stickiler for those kind of details.

Its because those characters have a different health system than all the other characters.

ARIA has 3 shorter health bars rather than 2 normal ones, and can alternate between bars at will.

Arbiter has his energy shield, which gives him a protective layer of an extra 5% health if he spends a bar or has instinct activated.

No other character has mechanics like this (apart from Mira, whose special blood magic damage mechanic is represented by silver portions of her health bar) so there’s no reason for them to have a different health bar. The layout has been working fine since launch, so if it’s not broken there’s a no need to fix it. There are other things the developers would put money towards before reworking a feature that already functions as intended.


LOL, this thread made me laugh. Dude, its part of their character archetype.
I recommend reading up on the characters at the KI guide.

Really do with they would have updated the entire HUD when they remodeled everything for Season 3. The current designs are pretty dated.

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