Are You Thrifty? 👛 (KI2)

I know there’s a lot of old-school KI2 players here and KI2 has been available on Xbox One/Series X/S/R2-D2 for quite a while now, so I thought it’s far-past time to throw down the gauntlet and ask: Are you Thrifty?

I am! Thrifty players can play through the entirety of KI2 and take down Gargos with one credit- NO continues!

I unlocked this really-rare achievement 3 days ago, and I had my own successful strategy, but before I spill the beans, are you Thrifty? If you are, how did you do it? (Gargos is cheap, but he’s no Eyedol!)

I can’t be the only Thrifty KI fan here… right? Fight on, and smack Gargos around for me, would ya?


*Seriously, only .30% of KI2 players are Thrifty! :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: (Look at all those credits going to the arcade!)


It’s been a while, so I’ll share how I was thrifty with Gargos: Maya!

After getting good with Maya, I found the trick to KOing Gargos relatively easily- cheese it with Heavy Leap Kick! Whenever Gargos fired off a downward-diagnonal fireball from the air, I’d launch Maya at him, taking a fairly large chunk of health from him in the process.

Of course, I had to carve out a little combo every time I blocked an attack, but since he got hit hard every time he threw a projectile, taking down Gargos on one credit was relatively easy!

I only have 2 more KI2 Classic achievements to go myself; I hope you’re enjoying this classic too!


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