Are you guys planning to remove skipping days in succession?

Honestly, I’m not sure it’s a good idea to remove this. Some people just want to not sit through the missions and just skip to Omens/Gargos so they can complete the mode for better or worse. I feel the game punishes you enough for skipping days (especially on godlike where one skip can summon an Omen straight from zero corruption). And sometimes I need to take a day to heal some teammates, then skip another to heal the remaining ones.

Is there any reason why this should be removed? I ask this because I remember this being mentioned in the MS stream a few weeks ago.

I think the way to do this is as follows:

  • Require 1 mission to be attempted before allowing you to skip a day.

This requires you to make a plan as to what mission you should attempt and with what character while attempting to heal your party. I could understand if they want to have healing be completely item driven. It requires you to play the mode, and lengthens playtime and replayability.

This is exactly what we’re going to do. It’s on the task list right now.


I guess I can settle for that. Thanks for the clarification.

Will we have the option to skip dialog?

It’s fine to do 1 mission before calling it a day, more strategy involved to the game (and also involves more the use of items, but it can be balanced out if you can get tons of Astral Gems from doing those ocasional missions to skip the day).

Never skip leg day

There’s a bunch of changes coming to the mission flow to speed up the game, but we don’t think skipping turns is the ideal way to get to Gargos faster – there’s a relic for that that’s much faster.

Well, once you have defeated 4 Omens, what’s the point of continuing on with missions? Other than resource gathering maybe. Once I had the 4 Omens out of the way, I skipped 2 days to make Gargos appear and heal my team to prepare them.

I’m not asking in a sarcastic tone or anything, but if there’s some inherent thing I’m missing about why my strategy isn’t efficient, I’m hoping someone will point out the reason why skipping days to recover is a bad thing. Though I’m guessing when they make changes to the mission flow and you have to attempt 1 mission before a skip, the artifact will probably come in handy much more.

Basically by day 14 I had all Omens conquered, so I figure that skipping 2 to recover and fight Gargos would be a good thing.

I’ve barely been using artifacts and consumables. I’m really just stocking up on them for the full release so I can unlock stuff easier.