Are we ever going to get access to the archived content from the old site, as promised?

Been waiting patiently to retrieve some forum content from the old site, it was said we would be given access at some point. Hoping nobody forgot about it.


Been wondering this as well. There was a bunch of old things that were on the old website that I have been waiting to access.

There was a post about this before. You should post there too.

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All I can say is stayed tuned. :unamused: been a request for a while now.

As promised is not the same as “we will look into it”

They never promised that I don’t think.


When it was originally said we would have access to the old site, it was never “We’ll look into it” we were told outright we would have access.

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Our plan was to bring them back online, but there are a lot of compatibility issues. It has admittedly been put on the shelf as we work through Season 3 launch and character releases, but not gone forever.


Thanks for the heads up, I can wait however long it takes just needed to hear it wasn’t off the table.


Is it waybackmachine archived?

forget about it. Season 2 forums are dead. R.I.P.

Why would anyone want access to old forum detail?

It says why in the OP.

There was a lot of information/posts they we were unable to backup before the site was taken down.