Are we continuing the reveal schedule post Launch?

I know Tusk is next Monday, prior to launch, can we expect:

Vampstress independent trailer Sunday 04/03

VampstressTender moments w/ patch 3.1 preview 04/05

Vamostress Full Trailer w/ tease 04/10

Release: Friday 04/15 w/ Patch 3.1

Or will there be a break in the releazse of info once the is released???

If we go by Season 2’s release schedule (from what I remember, that is), the future releases will be monthly. So say Mira (vampire) will be the next character released, then her trailer along with patch info will be released along next month (April), and then she will be available at the end of the month along with the patch.
And then with her trailer, we will also be teased who will be the character after her, and then it repeats.

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, I’m just going for what I remember, but my memory is not the best. :stuck_out_tongue:

yea that would be the old schedule… I was hoping we could stick to the weekly content schedule we have now, especially if it means that there is just that much more content to be had.

I would expect things to continue weekly, but starting off with the trailer 4/3 is a little ambitious, considering the trailer is usually one of the last things before launch.


Does that mean post-launch characters will be weekly released as well, or do you mean that a piece of info will come out leading up to a monthly character release?

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The latter.


Yea I used more than the recommended dosage of optimism there lol, thanks for the reply though, I know although most people think you guys are just sitting around, that the real work probably starts post launch…

Especially for me!


I for one Salute you sir, and your family because as much work as you put in, there must be sacrifices being made

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If I remember how things worked in season 2, the first week would be a text stream containing concept art, basic backstory, and a name. The next week would be a tender moments stream, the third week is the trailer, and the last week it is released for Ultra Owners. Is that right?


You’re correct! I actually came to enjoy that formula. Gave me something to look forward to every week!

Hopefully they stick to it. I loved that format too. Gave the whole thing a nice dependable structure. I guess we will have to wait and see in like two weeks. My guess is that it will start the first full week of April.