Are there more system changes coming? Some are still very needed

I was hoping for more general system changes outside of characters.
More modes?
Tournament UI/System?
Fix having more than one gamertag logged in?
Make it easy to switch gamertags in and out for house tournaments?
More announcers?

I hoped having 9 months to work on S3 would get us some stuff like this but since they mentioned nothing in this KI event, I am bummed because that probably means it won’t happen.

All we’ve been given are some ingame mechanic changes and UI colors, outside of the balance changes for the individual characters. We don’t have a release date, price, package options, etc.

There’s a TON more coming, I’m sure - stuff like you’ve listed (at least some of it) is likely going to be in the full reveal later on.

They did mention new Game Modes, so there is still stuff to be seen (please please please be more than another practice or single player mode…).

They used the KI World Cup to hype up S3 by showing the balances changes and new characters since we’ve all been waiting so long, but I expect more news to come in the next few weeks up to launch. There is still a lot to be seen and they just didnt want to blow their load all at once.

There are more things to come.

Ultimate’s, retro music and more Stage ultras are all I really want on a generalizing feature level.


I would love a tournament mode to use at home and at tournaments. Just enter the number of players and have it bracket it out for you. Even better would be to have it log in and out gamertags for you so that your stats are all kept on the cloud.