Are there lyrics to Tiger Warrior (Jago's theme) and Temperance & Vengeance (Maya's theme)?

I wanna know because I know for sure that pretty much every song with vocals in it has actual lyrics in some language, but I haven’t heard anything about Jago’s and Maya’s theme being part of that. You can obviously hear “Jago” being chanted at portions of Tiger Warrior, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the lyrics can’t possibly be made up. Anyone know one way or the other?


No idea about Jago’s, but Maya’s for sure is just a made up phonetic language bit by Ali Edwards, the singer!

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“Chunga wunga Jago, Chunga wunga Africa.”


Ohh waaa, should have picked my Jago, gonna eat some quinoa, maybe take up tango…


saw this on youtube lol
"mmmm fuuuuck
I triped on the table
something something wawa
something something Jago"


Oooohhhh faaaaaaaaa
Saw my n***** Jago
Found him at the car wash
Tryin to do the tango.


Mmmmmmm fahhhh
Soggy nugget Jago
Has a friend called Carter
Sucking lemon Faygo


i know for a fact that jagos theme is actually Tibetan since i heard tenzin in unchated 2 speak at least one of the words used in the chanting. throw mick a tweet or something. maybe he’ll respond

Can we just keep going with a bunch of misheard jago lyrics? these are great.


It’s getting all Bad Lip Reading: Killer Instinct up in here!


Yooooo ■■■■
Someone ■■■■ on jago
Fought at his local carwash
Died to his potatoes.

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Jago: I’ll just laid my cat in here.

Kan-Ra: You take a dime spicy can.
-school grow longer pee eating fish.

Orchid: Dance hip toaster chew gushing bout vulture breath.


Jago’s theme says “Tiger lives in Jago” i know that much, but i think most of it is Tibetan gibberish.

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Mick Gordon has said multiple times that the lyrics fro Jago’s theme and Omens theme are just Tibetan gibberish and for the most part aren’t real words.

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But if I had to guess, it would be a little something like…

Ohhhh, faaah
shove it in the Jago
Fooled a lot of cowards
tied a hidden Jago.

but that’s just me :tiger:

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Ooooh waaaah
Shama lama Jago
jaga jiga jow wow
oh my god a bagel

Idk I hear just nonsense from the song lol


It is also Tibetan throat singing at the same time :slight_smile: :wink:

“Great Mysterious Monk,
Tiger Lives in Jago,
High Above the Mountains,
Tiger Awoken Jago.”

I always pictured if it translated to something like this.


According to an article I found, the lyrics are supposed to be “incoherent” Tibetan chanting. Turns out, Tibetan is hands-down the hardest language to write the characters of, so odds are if the lyrics do have a translation, you’d need a Tibetan person to translate and write them down.

However, I listened to the chant about 100 times and romanized the phonemes as best as I could. No amount of effort will probably tell you the accurate characters to use to write these phrases (because it’s super complicated), but at least you can try to mimic what they’re saying more closely:


“(N?)Yu Tah Sha-Nen Nin-Gen Jago
Ta-Yah Le-Te Jago”


“Shen-Gun-Nee Ta-Yuh-Yah
Tai-Nee Moe-Gah Moe-Gah Lah
To-Go Oh-Rah Eh-Sey Sha
Tai-Nee Su-Nee (N?)Yu-Ree Dah
Kan-Yeh Eh-Sun Eh-Sun Yeh
Tai-Go-Jee (Ny?)eh-Sun Yeh
Hon-Gan-Ro-Gah Ee-garu Yeh
Nyeh-Sun-(N?)Yeh Nyeh-Sun-(N?)Yeh”

Hope you enjoyed this! :smiley:



We now have a little clarity to the mystery, and I somehow feel a little better now.

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