Are there any online KI tournaments coming in 2018?

Is great that KI will be on EVO 2018 after all, but I was wondering if there will be any online ones?

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links to our FB, Twitch channel & Youtube is below where all info will be / streamed then exported to Youtube.

We use over because of the check in system. it overall works better for onlines instead of chasing people down if they are not there or forgot.
links for sign ups will be like this below. They will go live for people to sign up a week before the next one.
We noramlly cap out at 32 & have a wait list of at least 10 more ppl over last 10 tournaments we have done.

As far as how long our tournaments can last it depends on multiple things that could happen ex slower playstyles (Timeouts), Small connection issues etc but we have stayed in the 3hr 30 min to 5 hr max & thats only been a couple of times.
We go Live 15 mins before each tournament starts so we can make sure check ins are done & get people ready.


Great news, such a delight to know that KI will show its shine in 2018 too!