Are some html tags missing?

Am I missing something, or the [img] and [quote] tags are nowhere to be found? Is this temporal or we have to stick with it in this new forum skin? Also nowhere to see video tags. Do I have to gain “user trust”? I’m already at level 1 and can post pictures yet I have to input manually the img tag.

You do not need to use the tags. For instance I drug this picture of Rash from a different Window in to the text edit field and it auto-populated the IMG for me.

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Now I will just paste in the YouTube link for the Rash trailer:

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omg I wish I knew that before making the KI toys thread lol. Anyways this is a sweeet feature that will save us a lot of time when drag and dropping pics and vids. Cool! :+1:

To do what I just did, highlight the text you want to with your mouse and then an option will pop up to use the text in a quote. Neat huh!?

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BBCodes are there, but you really don’t need them to embed from outside places.

Right now we support URLs for the follow:
Image URLs, including imgur and other image hosts
Links (they will auto link)

If you really want to use BBCodes, they are still there.


What about on mobile? I use the forums mainly on my phone, and I can’t seem to find out how to quote. Highlighting doesn’t work.

It works for me on iOS. What mobile OS you on?

Android. Using chrome if that matters at all.
(I reposted this cause I meant to reply to you, but didn’t)

Just discovered a very simple way to do it!

Just type the “greater than” symbol and whatever text you wanna quote. Granted it won’t have the fancy style, but it’s something. Like this:

Test Test Test

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Just type the “greater than” symbol and whatever text you wanna quote. Granted it won’t have the fancy style, but it’s something

Yea better than nothing! Thanks alot!

I just did it from Chrome on my iPhone. I highlighted the text and the quote option populated. Try it on your Android, perhaps?

Doesn’t work on chrome here on my android :confused: I think I missed the last app update, so lemme do that and I’ll get back to you on whether or not it works.

Nope, still not doing it…

Wait, yea I got it. Lol not sure why it didn’t do it before but it’s working consistently now. Sorry for all the trouble.

No trouble at all. Glad you got it working.