Are SJWs influencing the creative team at MS and IG?

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[spoiler]I love Killer Instinct, but I can’t help but ask this question:

Are Social Justice Radicals (aka SJWs) and/or Anita Sarkeesian wannabes (aka radical feminists) are influencing the creation of content for Killer Instinct Xbox? For example, fans were upset when MS used the KI1 retro costume for Orchid instead of her popular KI2 costume that fans love and the same could be said for Kim Wu’s retro with the shorts. If they are influencing you guys, then there’s a problem. We’re already seeing this with what happened with Overwatch and the western release of Star Ocean where companies cater to radicals who will stop at nothing to censor everything they don’t like.

So is this true?

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In a word NO.
There has been lots of thread on this.
Just because someone respects women or minorities or whatever doesn’t make them any of the above.
Some devs and publishers have a bit of class



Developers are just doing what they want to do.


Nope, that has nothing to do with it.

There is a difference between good design and sexualizing for the hell of it.

And if you have been keeping up with the Overwatch tracer pose thing, they released the pose that will be replacing the “controversial” pose she had:

Take that as you will.


Not likely. they do want to make the game spread out to everyone who can hold a controller. Its still not some kiddie game either.

The problem I tend to have with SJWs isn’t their goal, its what they do to reach that goal. Its understandable they want fair treatment for everyone but the problems are hypocrisy and the fact they censor media when that goal they have should be used for more serious problems like real life.

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I have feelings of conflict on four cases:

One- I can KINDA understand the idea of fair and equal treatment for everyone…BUT I think the extremist indviduals should probably focus their efforts on more political and real life issues instead of worrying about a game.

Two- At the same time though, (depending on the targe audience) I can understand if certain measures have to be taken in. Especially if it means expanded audience. But this is why game developers should always make it clear who their target audience is.

Three- Though on another hand, those who want to be able to express freely will have to limit that to a degree if it means to avoid attacking.

Four- Just because people like sexualization and high violence doesn’t mean they would disrespect women, or enjoy killing or racism in real-life. It’s not wise to assume someone is what they are based on what they like.

Anyone who is seeking equality and other stuff are not necessarily social justice warriors, but the individuals who are. In my opinion: Are not making good use of their time and making society better by censoring games. Instead they should be focusing on things like what’s happening poltically, or what’s happenin with laws being passed in some places that deal with issues of human rights Instead of worrying about what the game devs are doing. the devs may have a target audience aimed at adults. KI on the other hand I assume has had it’s target audience already established from the get go.

I think everyone can have their own cup of tea to drink. If you don’t like a certain type of tea someone is making or wants to drink, than drink the tea you like. Games are more like that in my opinion.

This is all just a very very complicated subject.

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I remember a similar thread to this a few months ago, and I believe it was also by the same OP here.

As I said in that thread, IG and MS have their own beliefs and opinions, and can do what they want creatively according to them. They’re not always going to do what you or I want them to, and that’s fine. A lot of this is just over small petty stuff like outfits; nothing to get political over. Both SJWs and the people who get too worried over them both need to realize this.

As with ANYTHING in the world, there should be a balance.

-If a character benefits visually from a revealing costume, then they should not be afraid to create it.

-However, the classic KI games were trying “out-do” MK games in every way. Which means they also used sexy costumes to try to attract young people. That is a bad practice, and i’m glad they dont do it anymore. We dont need to be reminded about an age in videogames where developers tried to manipulate their customers like that.

(This issue directly relates to the “ultimates” issue. “Ultimates” and “No Mercies” were just an attempt to be as violent as MK games. They didnt add anything to the games at all. We dont need them back. Times have changed. Killer Instinct can now be an amazing game WITHOUT selling sex and violence.)


I don’t understand the whole “Sex Taboo”. It’s a part of life that 99.9% of the human population experiences.

Am I “Objectifying” a butcher if I only go to him to Obtain meat? No, I am simply satisfying my desire for a quality cut of beef.

The same could be said about sex. I can understand the taboo behind prostitution, afterall it can lead to the spread of disease. But not allowing a fictional female character to flaunt her body for the sake of appealing to a male audience? What’s next? Ninjas? Are ninja’s gonna complain for being misrepresented or being objectified for entertainment purposes? No…

Overwatch should have release a topless skin with a “Free The Nipple” tattoo on her back. You’re a hypocrite if you think you can lift the taboo off of the female body and censor everything at the same time. If you want men to stop liking sex, you’re just not going to have any luck, basic human biology.

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[quote=“GlaciusTS, post:9, topic:9249, full:true”]
I don’t understand the whole “Sex Taboo”. It’s a part of life that 99.9% of the human population experiences. [/quote]

Nothing about his post made any taboo about sex or purported to any prudishness at all.

He just said it was the developers’ own creative choices.

Ultimates I think would still be an awesome feature in this game and will only add to the fun-factor. And technically speaking KI is VIOLENT just without the gore : p and there’s some sexuality to. But it’s not as obvious as some other fighting games. You just got to look more : U

I think Ultimates would be great to come back, not to simply “out do MK” but to give me a reason to look forward to the end of the fight. And not the same stale Ultra-Combo over and over again. KI already out-does MK with its balance, it’ character roster, etc, What’s a little extra fun at the end of a fight gonna do? other than add even more meat onto those awesome bones.

I’m getting bored with Ultras. I wanna have a reason to finish the fight other than just to win. I also think Ultimates can be more creative and fun than Ultras are which are just straight forward and really you’re better off skipping them. Why drag the match on with rapid punches and kicks when you can finsih the match with something more signature to the character?

I’m not saying Ultimates have to be the priority but I’d love be able to do them again in the future. They can add so much to the hype. and the way they have Shadow-Jago being able to do them it simply means you won’t see them often. AND if you were to ever be lucky enough to keep that green life-bar you would still have the option to NOT do them.

I don’t think Ultimates would hurt the game at all and only just give folks more ways to end the match thus something to look forward to. Plus the devs are creative. I beleive they can pull off Ultimates without having to severe any body parts.

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I heard Anita Sarkeesian showed up at Microsoft Redmond campus and transformed everyone there into radfem zombies. So I guess that means that Sarkeesian basically owns KI now. Tell me, how does it feel?

lol, but seriously “influencing” is what media and awareness groups do, including juvenile upstarts like gamergate. (Albeit poorly, in the latter’s case.) As long as it’s not moneyhatting or blackmail (lol at the idea that “SJWs” have the resources to do either) it’s probably a healthy thing.

By-the-by, @moderators should consider closing this thread very soon, since it’s likely to turn into little more than inflammatory garbage.

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You gotta admit though: SJW’s should be focusing their attention to more real life issues like politics and actual racism in the real world. Instead of focusing on how games are being developed.

Don’t get me wrong I think it’s awesome what they’re shooting for with goals. But they don’t seem to going after the right folks at all. It seems…like as if they do not have any aim where they are going. It’s not focused. But not everyone who pursues the same goals as them are SJW’s of course.

They are.

But it’s a bit like the classical argument that STEM researchers should be focusing entirely on curing cancer, where (1) we also need basic research into biology, physics, etc to underpin the big breakthroughs in cancer prevention/treatment; (2) with the stupid amounts of money being thrown at cancer research directly, taking more out of basic research to put into cancer research would utterly cripple basic research whilst barely making a further dint in the cancer problem at all; and (3) a lot of the funds are for salaries of very smart researchers, some of whom just find basic research more inherently fulfilling or are just plain better at it, and would move out of research entirely rather than be shifted onto cancer research.

Points (1), (2) and (3) all have analogues in social justice activists choosing to focus on games/media rather than The Big Issues.

People keep missing the point.

There’s no outside “SJW’s” influencing what MS and IG are doing to their game.

If you really have an issue with outside forces influencing developers creative decisions, why not just let MS/IG do what they want to do, instead of accusing every creative decision you disagree with as being influenced by some outside social-pressure group?


I get the metaphor but I don’t quite follow? could you elaborate more?

I never suspected that SJWs are influencing KI’s creative direction. I also never said I had a problem with KI’s general direction. In fact I love it. I was simply stating my thoughts on the issue with SJW and gaming in general. You are replying to wrong person Tony : p

S***, that wasn’t intended to be directed at Blacklash. Was supposed to be a reply to the thread in general. My bad

(1) social justice activists also need to change norms within the media we consume (including games, which make up a huge slice of the media pie in 2016) in order to encourage the general public and empowered decision-makers to respect and empathize with marginalized people, and in turn support change on The Big Issues; (2) with the stupid amounts of social justice activism effort going into The Big Issues, taking people off of games/media activism to focus in on The Big Issues would barely make a further dint on The Big Issues whilst stalling progress on games/media activism severely; and (3) a lot of activists are more interested in games/media activism than they are in The Big Issues, much like game developers and games journalists are more interested in games than they are in employing their skills in service of a more “important” goal.

I learned about SJWs for the 1st time only a few mere weeks ago, when my brother showed an article about them to me.

Those b* be crazy.

They better not touch KI, not even with a 10-ft. pole.

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It’s not that deep. Every decision done by IG and MS done for this game is based on what they want their game to be NOW. What happened in the 90s shouldn’t have to be replicated and done now. There are marketing tools and branding also affiliated with it but it doesn’t always rejected please the socially correct.