Are season three's guests going to count towards the season total?

I’m just curious, in the past two seasons we’ve been given eight full characters and one “bonus” per batch. Do you suppose the season three guest characters are going to take up two or more of those nine available season three slots or are they going to be additional content along the way? When I got to thinking about there being four returning characters (Kim, Tusk, Eyedol and Gargos) and at least two guests (Rash and an unknown character) that only leaves MS and IG three character slots for original characters this season. They make such great characters, I’d hate to see them not be able to make amazing new cast members on account of a few guests…


They should. Just because they’re guests doesn’t make them any less different from the rest of the cast, nor are they wasted slots.

Yeah I think they will count as “real” characters which means they should get their own stage, a retro, a decent amount of accessories and 9 colors.

In the end I don’t care where the concepts for the characters come from as long as they provide fresh gameplay ideas like season 2. That’s what IG can do best in my opinion.

Care to share your sources?

Probably so or probably not. It all depends on and at the same time it is all up to the decision-making of Microsoft Studios whether they want to do that or not

Here’s what I wish for in s3: 4 returning, 2 guests, 6 brand new. 12 in total, which would be 30 in all seasons, would be a good closing for KI. Then later make a sequel. But that’s just a dream.

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I think they will considering we usually get 8-9 characters at a time in KI.

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I think they are. They’re getting the same treatment so, yeah.