Are people sleeping on Sadira?


Correct… As Riptor can now protect the one place she was most vulnerable (just above her head) with her fireballs, it makes it VERY hard for Sadira to get in. A Riptor with great timing, makes a very dead Sadira.


I agree that Damien did good. One also has to mention that with new characters arriving/ old characters getting changes and/or seeing more play alongside competition in niches and her stuff not being as effective as it used to.

Aganos used to have a big struggle vs Spoidergal. Now he has his flick command normal which AA’s at JUST the right spot to cover his air space issues. The matchup isn’t as stomp in her favour like it used to be and Riptor got fireballs as mentioned before. Other matchups you’d think she do well since they have ground AA issues but characters find ways around it to keep it in check.


I wish I was sleeping on Sadira.