Are KI Gold purchases tied to your XBL account, or the save file?

Example: If I deleted or reset my KI Save file on the Xbox One for whatever reason (hypothetical) would I lose everything that I purchased with KI Gold, or is it tied to my XBL account server side and would still be associated?

All purchases are tied to your XBL account.

So if I delete my save file on my Xbox One - I will still have whatever I purchased with KI Gold? Just want to clarify this. I deleted my save file and lost my Holiday Items, so that for sure isn’t tied to my XBL account and was tied to the save file. This is what I want to clarify - if you could comment on this I would appreciate it. Thanks!

If you buy stuff with KI gold, that’s tied to your profile, not your save. You will likely have to re-download them, but you will still own them if you made the purchase(s).

What about things indirectly bought with KI gold?

For example, if I buy a XP booster and then lose my save (due to a bug for example) with all my lvl50 characters that boosted their way there, is that tied to my profile?

What I can tell you, is that I deleted my save on Xbox One (without an XP booster) and I had to restart from level 1. So it doesn’t directly answer your question since you are asking indirectly, but thought I’d share that information. You may already be aware of that.