Are Counter Breaker Windows Different For Each Character?

I know they SHOULDNT be, but it really seems like sometimes a counter breaker will stay in it’s “catching” phase FOREVER, while at other times, the window passes so quickly, that the breaker attempts will actually trigger unintended moves. (for example, Fulgores Heavy breaker attempts will instead be pip-charges that allow him to punish counter breaker attempts.)

I cant prove any of this in the lab, but i KNOW some of you guys have also had these issues, right?

Is this part of the GGPO? Is it just an effect of slight de-syncing?

I can definitely relate.

I think it has something to do with how long you are considered in combo. So if you do a counter breaker during heavy ADs your opponent is in longer hitstun than if you did a counter breaker during lights, so the counter breaker window is larger.

Just a guess though. I’ve been annoyed lots of times from opponents activating instinct when I use a CB during heavies. It’s like wtf?

Duck is correct - the counter breaker viability window lasts until you’re out of hit stun, so if you’re reeling from a heavy you’ll be in it longer than if he countered you during lights.

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