Archetypes that Could be Added to a Season 4?

There are some really fun threads in here about season 4 wishlists. All of them are focused on the aesthetics of new characters. What about the archetypes? Playstyles? What could be added to KI to make the game even more fun in a hypothetical season 4? Bonus points when we can come up with an aesthetic to match the mechanical archetype.

Here’s my first stab at it:

  1. Grapple/Zoner: Can grapple at multiple ranges–damage increases the closer you are to your opponent. Command grab used determines function of the grapple: damage, create distance, reduce distance. His weaknesses would need to make sure that ranged grabs are avoidable. Maybe grabs are mid or low, so jumping or crouching makes them whiff.Grapple/Zoner Aesthetic: A monster-type who uses tendrils (like Carnage), or a sorcerer-type who uses telekinesis (like Ermac).

  2. **Tank:**Character that passively reduces all incoming damage. Maybe it could have really strong “crush you” style normals, causing potential damage on block. But, opening the opponent up to combo would be really tough.

What you guys and girls think?

A puppeteer like Relius Clover

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If guests are to return in a fourth season, maybe using Tartarus, or the Halo Wars 2 Brute, as a grapple zoner. He could manipulate gravity with his hammer to pull/crush enemies from a distance. Maybe even give him a move that sucks the enemy close for a command grab.

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Just looked this guy up. That looks really cool. How would he work? Maybe an OP ranged character, but the puppet can take damage until it becomes useless?

The 2 archetypes you just stated sound an awful lot like Kan Ra and Aganos. Maybe it’s just me, but that was my first thought.

Anyways, I have recently been thinking about a character that can create terrain on the stage that gives them special properties, such as increased movement speed for footsies.

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Lots of fighters have one but I think it would be cool to have a generic character that plays with one of the current fighters move sets kinda like mokujin from tekken.
So everytime you pick him he randomly uses one of the current fighters move set.
He could be a shadow lord called mimic master. He’s the person who created the mimics for gargos.

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A lightsaber wielding character who looks like jago and moves around like sadira and uses telekinesis.

Wind based character that can create clouds and stand on them.

I prefer a noob/smoke type character over a puppeteer, it’s almost the same idea.

How about a witch doctor? Could use a knife up close, poison moves, maybe a control move that lets you control your opponent and move him where you want him on the stage if it connects, voodoo doll ranged attacks…

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Why can’t we have a character all about movement speed and speed of combos? They would have air combos (without ground juggles) whose ground combos are fast and not very damaging. There are no double, triple, or quad jumps. There are quin- nah just kidding you. This character would work kinda like a mahvel character in the sense of that. This character would have one ground linker but many aireal specials and grounded launchers, all at different angles. Sounds like sadira but would have to constantly shift from ground to air but air being the primary aspect.

I still would love a bo staff character fast and agile like Donatello

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Chuthulu /Mind flayer octopus face! Also female (I’m into some WIERD SHIT!!!)

Zoidberg meets D&D meets high heels!!! WOOOOOOOO

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Maybe a Davy Jones like character…

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Super long-range normals with the ability to reposition the opponent? That’s a cool idea.

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Now that we know Tusk is from Sweden, my concept of the reclusive swedish outcast of a witch suddenly don’t fit as well anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

…So instead of a witch living in the forests in sweden, let’s move her to the mountains in Norway! (you’ve all seen trolljägaren/the trollhunter I presume?)

yeah a puppeteer is something this game needs. I dont know how they would implement it but it would be sweet.

A male character with really good mobility like sadira but can jump off walls, double jump, dash forward after jumping, wields a lightsaber and can use telekinesis or doesn’t have to be TK he can manipulate wind or gravity instead. This character could also be the first and only character that can teleport into the air and their teleports can be stage relevant like fulgore, only in the air instead of on the ground.