Arcade1up Cabinet

Did you guys see these?

Killer Instinct Arcade Cabinet - Arcade1Up


KI Classic + KI2 Classic + Battletoads Arcade + Battletoads/Double Dragon = I need this in my life! :star_struck::joystick::scream_cat:

I just hope they keep the retro Spinal art on the sides, it looks fantastic!



I’d love a Primal Rage Cabnit.


This is very cool. I almost bought their Mortal Kombat cabinet a year ago, but talked myself out of it.

It’s difficult for me to justify the cost when a) I have no proper place to put it at the moment, b) I realistically wouldn’t play it much, and c) I have the classic games on Xbox and can play them there.

Having said that: still a nerd dream.

I’m with Juxtapose13, I don’t have where to put this beast… But I’m still gonna get it, why not. Might be cool to one, specially if it’s as loud as the old ones used to be.

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:joystick: Update Video: :joystick:

Arcade1up - Killer Instinct Final Design Revealed! It’s BIG + Is MK3 coming? - YouTube



Arcade1up Killer Instinct: Full Review with lots of gameplay, speaker and marquee upgrade too! - YouTube