Arcade sticks compatibility and PC vs Xbox One

Hello everybody:

With the KI PC port annoucement, the pc community can now join us and enjoy this amazing game, and I’m very happy with that. Also, they can use most arcade sticks(if not all) in pc, but we can’t use them in Xbox One.

This fact makes the PC version the standart for tournaments, which it’s not necesary bad, but I would love to see some backwards compatibility for the xbox one regarding arcade sticks and gamepads. I always played fighting games with a Street Fighter’s gamepad in my 360, and I miss it in my Xone :frowning:

@TempusChaoti , can you tell us if there is any plan to allow the use of 360 sticks/gamepads in the xbox one, given the fact that we will have Backward Compatibility for 360 games soon and maybe some of them could be fighting games?

If not, I find it a bit unfair with all the people(like me) that supported this game in the xbox one doesn’t have access such important tool

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I don’t see PC as the standard for tournaments in the future even with access to most sticks. Unfortunately i don’t see xbox changing this or i think we would have already of heard about it.

All tournaments do already support multiple sticks on X1 though. Through Cronusmax?

They claim it’s a “security” issue, which doesn’t make any sense to me. For whatever reason, MS has chosen to make the fight stick a completely different entity than an X1 controller. This means even games on X1 have to specifically include code for recognizing the controller otherwise it won’t work. For example, you can’t use it with Rare Replay or any of the associated games, meaning KI Gold is incompatible.

I hate to go on a rant here, but it’s worth pointing out that modded sticks built using standard X1 controllers work fine, as do old sticks connected through hacking devices like Titan One. So, they are actually discouraging people from using X1 licensed sticks - which have very limited functionality, and encouraging the use of much more functional hacks/mods. This is completely boneheaded and aggravating.

This same issue is what makes X1 arcade sticks the ONLY ARCADE STICKS YOU CAN BUY that are NOT usable on PC. Ridiculous. Much like dumb policies on Kinect, always online and used games, MS should just throw in the towel on arcade stick compatability.


No, cronusmax and other hacking devices are normally banned at tournaments.

I don’t see Kinect and i didn’t see Always on and used games as ‘dumb policies’ BTW.

Anyway, so how do we see players using other sticks other than the TE2 and Atrox at tournaments?

@BigBadAndy 's point about this is that MS removed that policies because the weren’t good, and in the same way, he(and me) thinks that the policies about controllers should be removed too

Actually, I have Kinect and love the voice commands, and I never use my X1 offline. The point I was trying to make, which I oversimplified, was that these were unpopular policies that were hurting the brand, frustrating loyal customers and not providing much value. That’s all. The same has to be true of the fightstick policy. I preordered a TE2 before X1 launched. I bit the bullet and just went all in on the console launch because I wanted to play KI. And instead of rewarding me, MS has given me endless aggravation on the way they handle fightsticks. I love the stick, but I couldn’t in good conscience recommend that anyone get one for X1. I have to tell them to get a Titan 1 or Cronusmax and use an old stick or wait for KI on PC. Isn’t that sad?

I’m guessing the “other” fightsticks you see are custom builds or sticks modded to use an X1 controller board (PCB) from a standard X1 controller.


Yeah big tournaments will alwayd use x1’s because it’s standardized and easy to transport. Don’t know what you’ll get with pcs and there’s more uncertainty involved.

An organizer would have to buy and lock down their own fleet of pc’s, which isn’t impossible and I think some are actually doing just that, but mostly you’ll see x1’s.

I’m not a stick person, but I know there are certain ones. That you can program to have faster input and multiple inputs.

Say, a jago player will have programmed the LP to rapidly input on a modded stick so they gain in an up close fight or sped up ability.

You can put them on “rapid fire” but you still have to hit the button. There’s no way to make the stick speed up the inputs. And most tournaments require you to turn that stuff off. The modern sticks have a “lock” setting on those features. The TE2 doesn’t have rapid fire at all.

I can’t stand MS’s draconian policy on not allowing 360 controllers to connect to Xbox One. It’s cost them numerous sales of hardware/games just among my own friends, and I can’t imagine how big the worldwide count is. Maybe some FG players in Japan would have played a bit more KI if their existing 360 sticks (which they all own because of SF4 being so much better on 360) would have worked.

They’re even going to release an adapter that makes 360 Rock Band controllers connectable to XB1 for Rock Band 4. So they’re basically saying to the music game scene “all that money you spent on expensive, bulky controllers isn’t wasted, don’t worry!” and then they turn around and say the exact opposite to fighting game players. It’s an insulting double standard that infuriates me. The fact that legitimate XB1 sticks are treated as second-class peripherals by the system is even more infuriating. Ugh. They force us to use adapters (that are banned at tournaments and are a massive hassle to hook up), and within the last month or two, a system update to XB1 made hooking up Cronusmax adapters even more frustrating (you now can’t have batteries in the wireless controller you use to sync the adapter). Double and triple ugh.

They’ve been sticking to their guns on this issue, and it’s cost them a ton of sales. Maybe it’s a non-factor now with KI coming to PC, but I for one am absolutely thrilled that I won’t have to put up with the XB1’s stick issues soon. I think you can tell that the KI team is excited about it, too, since they have no control over this issue at all and I bet it frustrates them the same way.


I am not likely to ever play KI seriously on PC, just because of the way I game (although I may someday build an arcade cabinet with PC hardware if I find the time and energy), so I am stuck with the X1 stick. I don’t even mind. I have the money and I like the stick itself. I just wish you could use it for games. Why can I not use my $200 arcade stick to play Battletoads Arcade? Why god why?!?!

I’m certain it’s not the KI teams fault. I’m sure many of them feel the same way, and I certainly don’t want to yell at them about it. At the same time, we don’t have a lot of outlets for making our feelings known to MS and it would be nice to know they were passing on this sentiment to the guys upstairs. It worked for the PC port…

And they are hurting the X1. If someone has no PC at all, then it might make financial sense to get an X1 to play KI. But considering the fightstick situation, even if they have to spend $500 upgrading their PC it is still a way better value to get KI on PC. I’m a gamer first, not a fanboy, but it stings when you support a company and their platform and they basically tell you “thanks, but we don’t care.”


Xbox One it’s going to be compatible with keyboard and mouse for some features. Step by step, Microsoft it’s joining paths between gaming scene in PC and Xbox One. A little concesion with the arcade sticks would be GOLD.


It’s always a “will they won’t they” thing when it comes to Microsoft unlocking full Windows capabilities on X1. The most basic of features like 360 controller drivers being missing is unfortunate. It would be great if Windows 10 was completely integrated as the X1 operating system because I’m certain that Microsoft will ditch the console market by next-gen.

my HORI RAP 4 doesn’t work for PC…

It seems they are working on the drivers, at least that’s what they say, but they haven’t give a date yet.

The only thing we have are tweets by the KI community manager.

It’s ridiculous.