Arcade Stick Parts Replacement

Lately, I think my fight stick is having some issues and I think I would like to replace some of the parts on it. Given it’s a KI themed TE2 Mad Catz fightstick, it’s easily an old relic by now, but very reliable, but none of the buttons or the stick have ever been changed out. While the stick is still reliable, the buttons don’t press as smooth as they used to, and I think it may be time to fix it up a little with fresh parts.

However, if any one has any recommendations on replacements, I would like to hear them. I’m thinking quieter pressing buttons would nice, but don’t have any major preferences to those.

The stick however, while it’s still good, may as well try to upgrade it at the same time, if there’s advantage to be had. I’ve used the same old square restrictor plate as well, and I don’t have any real complaints except sometimes with blocking, I go from down back to back, overshoot, and end up in jump frames instead of standing block. So if anyone has experience using the 8-way plates or has a stick that can deal with such minutia, let me know. Also, I’ve only ever used ball top, does anyone prefer bat top over ball? And why?

Any help would be appreciated.

Also, since the original buttons are sanwa denshi components, do I need to replace them with similar components or can I use Hori or Qanba buttons in their place instead if I see something in those lines better?

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