Arcade fight stick recommendations

Hey guys so I started off with the standard Xbox controller decided I wanted to step up my game I bought a HORI fighting Commander OCTA and I do like it I still use it when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to use my fight stick.

I purchased a mayflash f300 elite and within about 2 months I used it so much (not going to mention what game) that I wore out one of the SANWA joystick directional input apparatuses. Don’t ask me how but I did.

Anyhow I ordered it on and I still fall under the return and they stated that I can return it for money back so I might upgrade to something different ( 60 day return at by the way no questions asked!)

I am on Xbox so I’m looking at maybe the Qanba Pearl (it just looks so cool and I heard the reviews are good)

Under $250.

I hear the mad catz is overrated and I guess I play killer instinct enough that I would probably be okay with customizing it

Any thoughts or suggestions?