Arby Lobby?

Anyone interested in doing Arbiter lobbies sometime?

Sure. Were you looking for Arbiter mirror matches or…?

Sure mirror matches anything really. :smiley:

Sweet. I’ll be on tonight PST and mostly all tomorrow. Got some days off and would love to try some sets with characters I’m learning. :slight_smile:

GT duhgerman

Cool :wink: I’m going to try tonight if not tomorrow. The weekend I’ll be free though. I’m EST. I’m still learning to so it’s all good.

Hey, dude. I’ll be on all day, so feel free to send me an add/message

I can’t vouch for how good I am but I’d be interested, both for the sake of Arby mirrors and for leveling up my Arbiter vs and vs Arbiter match-up experience. Mind posting when you’ll be doing them?

Just got home have to do some things to my truck first. Oil/change light replacements shouldn’t take long.

Sure I can’t speak for @duhgerman1 but I’m still learning and I’m quite a novice. :wink: I’ll post when I finish up on the truck.

Neat. Not sure about tonight, but I believe I will be available this weekend.

I’m not a pro player at all, but have beat plenty top 32 guys. But with Arbiter, I’m a beginner at best. For sure, dude. Take your time.

Game on finished the truck. I’m game now :slight_smile:

I have a few hours of playing tonight this weekend though I’m free to especially if it rains.

@duhgerman1 what’s your gamer tag?

Sorry, dude. I’m staying at my parents for a few days and their internet is getting a lot of packet loss. -_-
A tech is coming by tomorrow, so I’ll be on during the evening.

No worries take care of business first I understand completely.