Arbitor stage uses DX12?

I just wanted to dip into the peoples brain pool to ask if you think the games now uses DX12 API. i realize that game engine has a lot to do with it and also that in general all Direct X titles have common place holders but DX12 can push more on screen resources.

My point is Arbitor’s stage has crazy effect and lots of scripts running in the background and this has to be free of performance issue for all future and present rosters. I guess what im saying is, 90 frames a second with all that going on has to be DX12, right? My understanding is that to fully optimize DX12 the whole game has to be coded as such.

and to the DEVS: everyone is bummed about ultimates. is it possible to code what I call universal ultimates across the entire cast?

All games are DX12 now since the XB1 received the Windows 10 update back in November so yes most likely this current build will see some sort of performance improvement and porting to PC would make it easier for IG.(I would imagine as a guess).
It’s best for IG to talk about it but I doubt you will have a response from them talking about DX12.

This is wrong. Windows 10 != DX12. The Engine KI uses does not support DX12 so it needs to be edited a lot to support it.
And even if it gets rewritten to partially support it, the performance boost will not be nearly as high in comparison with a Engine built with DX12 in mind. If they actually spent so much resources on a DX12 upgrade, they probably told us in the Stage relighting news.

The PC version will be sold as a DX12 game anyway just to justify the Windows 10 exclusivity. (The same way Halo 2 was sold as a DX10 game back in the day)

I’m not so sure. If the revamped the engine for DX12 they might save that for the Xbox/win10 press event on Thursday.

I am not a programmer but my understanding is that DX12 allows PCs to run closer to the theoretical power of their components. The reason this is less of a big deal for X1 is that it ran a heavily modified API that was already well optimized to the universal components. So I wouldn’t expect to see big DX12 improvements on X1 - which pretty much everyone has said.

On PC, however, that would be a significant development.

ya that makes sense. KI uses HEX engine and I don’t know squat about it. I understand the starting point for the use of DX12 but thanks for the unforeseen logic on my part. I still say that stage running everything at 90fps is freakn sweet