Arbiter. 👀 ❤ 👌

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Am I alone to notice it or he’s taller and bigger than thunder ? OMG That’s just amazing cause now we have two giants him and Aganos. I hope they bring one more giant character so we have 3 at last of 4 .
Yes yes yes yes yeeeeessssssssss .
I feel like thise S3 gonna be a giants big boys saisons lol :heart_eyes: I can’t wait to see tusk or even Gargos and Eyedol . Thank u so much, so aganos gonna have concurent now , good job guys .


Tusk will be the other giant character I hope! I hope he’s around 6’11" like in KI2.


Arbiter is actually shorter than he should be. Master Chief is 7ft tall and the Arbiter was still about a whole head taller than him, so unless Thunder is also a 7ft giant…

He seems to be as tall as Glacius to me if not taller. And since Glacius is about 8ft…

Then again, I don’t really know measurements. lol

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Thunder is 6’4".

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Tho when I look at the trailer he seem to be 2 heads taller than thunder. Just the way he catches him like a little child then put his blade into thunder torso :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: wooowwww I’m gonna die I like this scene so much .

I think hes well taller than glacius too. Cause glacius is tall but nope beefy , and arbiter is just beefy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: OMG! I likes aganos but he was just too thick and slow. This one I think to be in love also can’t wait to see the accesories

Man just the way he took up thunder I was dying Daaammmm.

Elites are naturally taller than most humans :smiley:

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i need him right now!!! lol hhhaahaha

Arbiters theme to rival Aganos?

lol man nope the theme but the character himself. cause hes a giant for sure :smiley:

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I’m sorry, I saw the emojis in the title and just had to. please dont ban me :cry:


Remember; Arbiter is usually crouching in his gameplay. Plus, have you noticed how many times he had spread the width of his legs, compared to other characters?

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This season will literally be like the NBA in the 90s again when big men ruled the sport. We getting Eyedol(hopefully), Arbiter, Gargos and Tusk.

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Looolll why to ban u?? That’s just ur way to express urself ,I do it too lol ahhahahah welcome in arbiter family

OMG you sell me dreams :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. Means he can be taller? What’s his original size?

Yeah that’s it , that’s just a giants season :heart_eyes: ( no Kim wu =dwarf gonzales :joy::joy::sweat_smile: hahahah) for sure Gargos or tusk are big man Gargos I don’t even think k about :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: that’s the aganos size in another style and pacemaker

AND it get’s better! We’re getting the teaser for Arbiter’s trailer on wednesday!~~~

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OMG I didn’t know about it :heart_eyes: thank u so much .
What time is it planned?

In KI time so “Soon” lmao