Arbiter ultra recapture


Can u still recapture with arbiter if so how


You can but it requires tricky juggles with the grenade since he doesn’t have a normal recapture.


Which i know how to do


Then it should still work if you know how, that is unless it’s a bug.


It works and fails in some cases. I have blown out my combo more times than not on a green level of KV.


Not too sure if it works anymore. I get mixed results with this one.

Shadow Move opener for 0 KV --> Ultra --> b. Grenade --> HP --> qcf HP --> Shadow Shield --> HP --> qcf HP --> Shadow Shield --> Grenade Explosion --> qcf MP or HP --> Ultra


Can’t you substitute the second shadow shield for Ultra Ender? That’s how I always it in videos.


I’m not sure if it’s out of my line but thank you for explaining it :3 I finally got it right after 10+ tries in practice mode~

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You can’t do that anymore, but you don’t even need the second shadow. Unless they changed fall speed during Arbiter’s ultra you don’t. Just B. Grenade > HP > QCF HP > Shield > HP > QCF HP wait for recap.