Arbiter Trailer is LIVE! Official Discussion


They said check out their finals. Probably more Arbitor stuff!!!

Yeah they’re teasing something with the phrasing of the tweet. “Looks like some Elite competition.” with Elite being capitalized. Hopeful for new stuff but honestly just expecting the tease to play again. Will watch anyway.

Yeah, saw this too. My guess is the new trailer is incoming.

rukari teasing on his twitter to

not like this

While I like Playing Halo, I don’t really like watching Halo. Hope the tease comes quick because this is killing me.

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Oh boy! There we go…


KI Twitter, Keits’ Twitter, Rukari saying “very… very soon” in the lighting thread, and now CStyles posting something? Yeah, it’s painfully obvious that there’s an Arbiter (or Season 3?) trailer before Finals.

Good job putting it in front of a huge Halo audience…

Well, they did the teaser during the X Games, which was well received, so I can safely assume if anything KI Arbiter related was going to surface, best time would be here.

Don’t know when that’s going to happen but it may just raise my spirits a tiny bit.

Ughhhh stupid tie, get to the finals already!!

If we get something here at this point someone PLEASE link a video or something. Though part of me wonders where the heck this is going to even go.

Started watching it but Halo is not very interesting to watch (i don’t mind playing it though) so if anyone can post a link of what happens i’d be up for it

I just wanna see what might be coming at the end of this.

Well, it’s close to end the tournament, right? Because i don’t know anything about Halo multiplayer, xD

Probably will be just before the finals. Will be a trailer with a Tusk hint? Or a hint to a New character? I think is time to speculate :smiley:

Keits please!

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And more teases…

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Grand Finals is coming soon… It’s time to SHINE ON!

Damn, I’m so nervous right now :sweat_smile:

Why are you nervous?!


I don’t know, man. The hype is killing me :joy:

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