Arbiter Tips?

I’m starting to play Arbiter and I like him a lot!!! lol

any tips for a new Arbiter Players?

How to get out of corners for example? I’m having a hard time getting out of corners

I wouldn’t try too hard to do so but rather force your way out. Do a knockdown and oush them back. Of course a backthrow always works well.

IMO getting in a corner is half of a good thing as well as you best offence arsenal takes place in the corner.
Try to take advantage of it by back throwing your opponent in the corner.

You defense options are Shadow Energy Shield, and the self detonating grenade (down + 3 punches).

Arbiter’s Carbine is exceptional at breaking Aganos’s chunks.

I’ve tested him throughout the cast and he doesn’t seem to good against characters like Tusk, Mira and Thunder (Heavy hitters basically)