Arbiter Shadow Cashout Buff idea?

You currently cannot do Shaodw Command Grab as an ender at this moment. I understand that if it was a Shadow Ender,it would be op. I understand that. However it currently can be combo’d into with forward medium kick. I suggest that if you do a forward medium kick manual and then do Shadow Command grab,it should cash out. It already combos.

Hmm, I thought it was an ender. So, only the non-shadow version is an ender? Weird…

The Shadow version cannot combo at all unless after a wallsplat which it then does not cash out.

Interesting idea for experienced players to add to their list of tech however I don’t know if it can work with Arbiter. I think they decided to not give him a damage ender was because he can already add Carbine shots or Plasma Grenades with any ender. Still I hope IG sees this and maybe considers it for buffs.

It is usually uncombable plus his damage already got nerfed. His command grab ender is already a damage ender for him. Plus it is really difficult to combo a forward medium kick in a combo anyway(only way I know of is off a grenade stagger) so I feel as if a small buff that allows the shadow command grab to cashout would be fair.

Ok I was partially wrong about this. If you add a carbine shot,it cashes out the damage. The damage is equal to that of a level 1 command grab ender. Oddly enough, it also cashes out the damage if you add a carbine shot. I doubt the carbine shot is treated as an ender though because if you add do an opener ender into carbine shots,it does not cash out. This is really weird.