ARBITER IS MISSING FROM MY DLC! (Season 3 Combo Breaker Edition)

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I am having a problem with the DLC for the season 3 Combo Breaker pack. I had redeemed a voucher code (purchased from AmazonUK) for the above DLC, which should include 8 characters (Rash, Arbiter, Kim Wu, RAAM, Tusk, etc)…but upon redemption, Arbiter is missing! The other 7 characters are now unlocked, but Arbiter is still blacked out, and upon clicking on him, it prompts me to purchase him! (in a bundle, or on his own). I know that Arbiter should be included in this pack, but he is not available for me to use! COULD ANYONE HELP ME WITH THIS ISSUE PLEASE?

I have just been in touch with Xbox support, and they directed me here. My ticket number is 1367394562. Can anyone help me get access to Arbiter, as I have rightfully paid for?!

Again, ticket/reference number for Xbox support: 1367394562