Arbiter / hisako matchup

This matchup so far seems to be the hardest I have come across and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. Everything seems so slow vs Sako and her counter hits. As always her parry stops most people from going HAM. Nades do little since her back teleport seems to nullify the blast. And I found out last night she can parry the hit from shadow shield which is kind of ridiculous since that hit causes no damage. Not sure if that is a bug or is working as intended.

I think this is a pretty even MU - perhaps slightly in Arby’s favor.

As always Hisako is pretty susceptible to grab mix-ups, and Arby’s definitely got ample grab game.

Arby’s air-to-ground game is pretty strong in this MU as long as you don’t telegraph your jumping attacks (she will parry) and spice things up with some throws.

If you see Hisako crouch-blocking a lot, hit her with that overhead.

Bait the counter with an obvious-looking jump in, and hit her with jump-gun instead. Can’t counter the bullets.

Not an issue specific to the Arbiter MU - you just can’t go ham against a competent Hisako, period.

That has to be timed juuuuuuuust right - teleporting while stuck with a grenade is actually pretty risky, and usually ends up working out badly for me, unless there’s so little going in that I can concentrate on timing.


Thanks for the advise. Not a lot of good Hisako’s out there to test some of this on but i will keep this in mind. The one I went against just got in my head especially after the parried energy shield. Got me twice with that.

Ah - well I’m a Hisako main and the tactics I’ve outlined above have been used to defeat me in semi-recent matches. I’d say a very small percentage of Hisakos are like STORM179, Samish02, R1Stormrider and myself and probably haven’t taken the MU to the lab, so those tactics should work just fine on most Hisakos you face online.