Arbiter Combos and Set Ups

If you want to see the set ups and figure them out yourself,watch till 1:30 If you want explanations,skip to 1:30

This is not meant to be used alone. I highly recommend you add your own twist on it. I have some very different variations on it that I mix up. Do so and the opponent will have a hard time doing anything.


We can’t just follow your example to the letter, based Sa-zu-kee?

You can. I recommend some variations in case though. For example,the forward medium kick into command grab,you can do Truth Seeker instead if they intend to jump and it works just as well. You can even do C.Mk into Truth Seeker. See what I mean? Being unpredictable is amazing.

Nice! Your Arbiter’s tricks are good!

I try :smiley:

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I was being a jerk and taking the opportunity to mispronounce your name, since that’s a thing.

But good tech. Didn’t know you could punch after throw. And yes, variation is muy importante.

People are usually ready to break a flip out after a Truth Seeker Ender. They rarely break it from a grab though which is amazing to abuse.

So yeah, here is a compilation of mine:


Nice video! We were matched to fight once but the game disconnected. I’m guessing that if you are from EU (are you?) we will have that problem :disappointed_relieved:

Arbiter is one of the best designed characters and he just look amazing in KI. Post patch there aren’t many players using him, cheers on you for not leaving him.
And you have very cool looking combos! :clap: I’m officially scared :see_no_evil:

5:07 lol. te tb after the stagger. You are making ppl salty XD (also killing frames with Cinder cr.HK looks neat)

I’m Polish, guess I played during rush hours trying to check if connection was ok (dorm life). I’m more of a Cinder main than Arby, but regardless thx for watching the vid, really nice of you. If you want to play a set hit me up someday, I’ll gladly play, get my butt handed to me, learn.

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A thing we found out recently. Don’t know if anyone had invented it before, idea belongs to Lunna and SWK, I found the setup.


Hey, if you like nonsense, here is some;