Arbiter Colours On Skins

I’ve seen screenshots of Arbiter’s custom colours on skins (, but I have no idea how to do it. Can you not? I’m pretty new to KI.

When you level up with a character, you unlock stuff on the way to Level 50 like accessories, colors, playercard stuff. Once you’ve unlocked these, go on over to “FIghters” under “Store & Collection” and you should be able to customize whatever you like.

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What @DoobyDude23 said.
There’s a category in the menu called Store & Collection that can be accessed from both the Start menu and the Singleplayer/Multiplayer menus.
Once there, go to Fighters, and select the character you want to customize. Choose the slot you want it to go in, and go nuts.
Once you’ve got the accessories you want, go into a match and choose your outfit and colors.

It’s weird though because his armours completely override his regular colours. Also there isn’t much room for mixing and matching, so I’m hoping they add more colours down the road.

Not only that, but there is an extra, non-selectable colour that player 2 will automatically assume in a mirror match. It’s a shame because some of those P2 colours look sick and I would use them.

There is one small problem, that’s that in a mirror match player 2 will always be in the alternate colour even if they’re not actually wearing the same set, or a different colour of the same set.

EDIT: I just noticed actually, that picture in your link is one of them. The Storm harness is only available in blue, but if player 2 is wearing it in an Arbiter vs Arbiter match it will change to orange.

Happens with other characters with “priority” accessory colours too. It’s hardly a big deal, but it is a minor nuisance that I hope IG get around to addressing once the major stuff is out of the way.

yeah. Arbiter is one of the characters with accessories that do not accept colors. So you create accessory preset and any color from 1 to 9 will not change anything.
Hope they will fix it eventually.

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Well, that is by design but when it comes to accessories that take priority over colours I do think there should be more options available.

like colors palletes. from 1 to 9 (10)