Arbiter and Jago MU

Hello. I want to learn how can Arbiter defeat Jago because best Jago player is very hard to get defeat. It’s not impossible, but it’s very hard for me… Can anyone help me please? :confused:

Play patient and don’t go nuts. Zone him out.

Tick throw. Tick throw all day, every day.

But in seriousness, be patient as Sonic mentioned. Jago is a very solid and capable character, so you have to use Arby’s strengths (notably zoning and ground control) to keep him pinned down.

What they said, don’t let him come close to you. Be ready to punish jump ins. Don’t panic when he is over you either XD

“Patient” is not very helpful to me… I know I should be patient and careful, but that’s all?.. No tips and explain this MU?

Hold block and be ready to tech throws. An overly offensive Jago will resort to DPs after certain strings to catch you pushing buttons, so figuring out what kind of player he is will be key. In close range, Arby’s combo-able light buttons seem like they could break out of certain strings and probably give you a one-chance into HKD, which can start off your setplay. If you get the life lead, most Jago players (even decent ones) will resort to DPs on wake-up, look to bait them. Could also apply to flipouts but Arby really doesn’t have too many crazy options off them to require DP. j.HK is good for gaining or closing space, f.MK is a decent meaty provided a grenade has been on Jago for about a second.
All that being said, I’ve seen glimpses of your Arby and its nuts. I hope the folks I tag can help you find safer methods to get in.

@Fnrslvr @oTigerSpirit @TheNinjaOstrich care to help?

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