Arbiter 3.4 adjustments

hmmm… I never knew that…thanks!

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Fulgore has to be offensive to gain meter, and his meter gain is slower than most unless you gain momentum early so him having a + shadow is arguably ok. Arby has + specials that cost no meter and travel forward. Should those be negative too? Fulgore spending shadow to get in, just gets him in. Not like he is gonna do 40% off an unbreakable or anything.

By the way since when was arby able to do a manual standing strong punch after a heavy linker? Is it a new thing of this patch? I must have missed something


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Do keep in mind arbiter got his shield up regardless of whether the move hit or was blocked, meaning not only was it safe on block but it had substantial reward on block.

7% health that could potentially go through maybe 1 or 2 projectiles? Not sure if I would call that substantial unless you’re at a range where projectiles are used, which is not close range.

EDIT: Actually thinking about it now, Arbiter’s meter usage generally doesn’t reward him as much as most other characters, so maybe this isn’t that ridiculous all things considered.

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One could just make setups to go around it.

Thank you!!

Projectiles aren’t used at close range? Jago Orchid Glacius Spinal Fulgore Riptor Maya Aria Cinder Against Omen Tusk Mage Gargos Kan Ra Miracle and even General Raam all have close range projectiles or use projectiles in their close range game.

I was more talking about at a range you when you can actually react to a fireball and adjust accordingly.

Kinda disagree with this, mainly because of just how much meter you get in this game. Arbiter can be counted on to reliably add 25% or so to his life in a competitive match (not including instinct). Not all of that is added defensively, since overshield gets popped on offense quite a bit, but over the course of a match it’s certainly a non-negligible amount of life. Having it be a cumulative life swing of around 25%, combined with being safe on block for those times when it was used defensively, seems a bit much to me.


I agree this change was unecessary :confused: The shield pre-patch was the only reliable wake-up for Arbiter the huge downside being is it cost half your shadow meter. Yes it gives you 7% health but I’m pretty sure the shield cant handle a Hard punch/kick. So now if the other player blocks when arbiter shields up they get a free punish from a move that does 0% gives minimal health and has very little range (literally his hurtbox). I know people are frustrated when Arbiter players spam this against aggressive players and get very little advantage for blocking the shadow move but it does 0 damage, costs half a meter to what could be shadow linker in a combo and it’s not a setup for combos because it knocks opponents to the ground.Finally I know the shield is just as reliable as before just with -11 on block but it doesn’t do absurd damage like Jago’s shadow tiger fury.

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Wow, so @KevBones10 showed me that if you have overshield you can use self-grenade mid combo, stick another grenade on them then finish the combo and recap. Pretty awesome.