Approaching Neutral

Just as a PSA, Sadira has to change the way she approaches neutral in almost every MU. Study neutral and youll get better results. If you win, youre on offence. If you lose neutral, youre on defence. Sadiras defence sucks. You want to win neutral.

Against Jago, LWB and DP baits are your freinds. Also hanging around Jagos HP range (and grounded) isnt that bad.

Against TJ though this isnt a great idea and running away is much more effective, throwing out HWM and doing neutral jumps are great.

Against Kan Ra this isnt a great idea. On the upside MWB is pretty good against him in alot of scenarios.

Against Aganos MWB gets you killed and jumping around in neutral does too.

Against Wulf MWB is pretty worthless too.

I see too many Sadira players just doing random stuff in neutral and then saying sjes a bad character. This is part of the reason I think shes underated.

Sure some could make the argument that other characters dont have to change up their neutral, and thus as Sadira you need to work harder. And while this may be true for a few problem characters, generally characters have a hard time deviating their play in neutral while remaining competent. Take Jago for example.

Jago can change up his fireball game, maybe use 1 or 2 fewer/more buttons, play active/patient jump more/less, but at the end of the day hes still basically doing the same thing. And if he goes up against a character like Mira who beats jago in the neutral, you cant do much do fight. Because at the end of the day he has 1 plan…

Sadira has many

Good post. It seems like the people who still play Sadira understand this, every matchup requires a different approach to the neutral game. Of course it depends on your opponent as well though. Try to stay out of the corner!