Apprantly I unlocked the Fulgore color from SL

But I don’t see it anywhere o - o not in the store not on the character select screen, what’s going on? ’ - ’

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Maybe you just met the condition, but the color isn’t in the game yet.
I don’ remember seeing this color anywhere in fact.

Was about to post the same thing. No idea what so ever where it could be accessed. The exclusive colour is the first thing I went to look for. Now I’m even more bummed out that I’ve noticed all my content in shadow lords has gone along with all my KI gold. What is going on.

That happened to me once, losing the SL content. Restarting KI restored it the first time but that was before the patch.

Yep was just about to post this

You have to play a SL mode match and the Fulgore colour will unlock :slight_smile: Just did it.

^ Yep, what he said.


you mean liefighting the opponent yes?

Just play a shadow lords match and as long as you have enough stuff unlocked to have the unlock bar high enough it will pop on screen that you unlocked the colour.

just did it and this casn be in single player sl mode especially

EDITl Somewhat disspointed that it isn’t a decent red color fulgore but it is a cool ■■■ army green though!

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