Applying Retro Costume Parts to The Updated Costumes

Or vice versa. Was thinking it might be cool if the retro costume parts and updated costume parts were available to be used on both costumes.

Seriously all I want is for updated KI 2013 Jago to rock out with retro Jago’s Keytar (Keytana?)

Is this possible for IG to add to the game? What do people think?

  • Waste of time?
  • Best idea EVAR Shatter! You should be new sexy emperor of Earth!
  • Horrible idea Shatter. You smell…
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Some might work, others not so much - placement and clipping would likely be your biggest culprits.


I think it’d make a great DLC pack. Add some cyborg arms to modern Wulf and you’ve got a perfect KI2 Wulf (though I’d prefer they be styled closer to Fulgore than the banded old design). Maybe some other bits and bobs from classic designs, like boxing gloves for TJ or some leopard skin for modern Maya.

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Yeah I was thinking of clipping parts as well. If it was really bad it would probably look silly. I could see clipping happening a lot with say someone like Cinder, seeing as his retro is so different from his updated look.

Or even just make new complete rigs and accessories and do it right

The excuse that the rigging would make things difficult is old after 3 seasons.

Put that passion into it and make it happen


They had said in the past it was something they were looking into, though it wound up on the back burner along with all the other highly requested features that never made it into the game.

The only problem I can see is that some parts don’t match between costumes. For example Glacius’ customization points on his default costume are his face, shoulders and shins but the points on the retro are face, hands and shins. Would the hand items be active on the same slot as the shoulder ones or would they have to create new slots and allow for 4 items to be equipped? Its a lot of work no matter how you look at it.

Not to mention all the clipping issues because the accessories weren’t made for those costumes. How would Cinder’s accessories fit on retro Cinder when his body was significantly bulked up on the retro? Characters like Riptor and Eyedol would also suffer from this problem due to having different character models for each costume. Plus all of the regular clipping issues from costume geometry not fitting with accessory pieces.

It sounds awesome in theory but it’s not that easy to implement problem free.