Anyword on whos the last character for S3 ? no eyedol please untill s4

i was suggesting a zombified Eagle(thunders brother) i thought the storyline of using his dna as Fulgores A.I was lame,what did spinal have a D.N.A sample ripped off of the black market ? anyways i think there are enough Oversized elephants in KI as a whole , Aganos,Raam,Gargos,Tusk ,althogh tusk is the best of the bunch he could use a littler more speed on his animations. Really are their any valid rumors on who is our next fighter?

We dont have a zombie and we sure the heck dont need another shadow figure,shadow orchid ? please god no!

I am pretty sure that with the whole “definitive edition” that there isn’t going to be a Season 4. Sorry to crush your enthusiasm, but the odds simply aren’t that great.

im not crushed, i think they can make some major money if they take their time to master all the mistakes, add retro stages,remaster some animations and maybe have more customizing options for animations like for instance gargos’s purple diminsion, hand teleporting(sigh) ,its just ugly,one thing i loved from the OG KI 92-93 was there wasnt alot of crap that visually diminished the action,if the animation looks smooth enough no need to add a odd looking effect ,let us decide how to make our own game look.

  1. Add perfected retro costumes-improve fatgore,lazy-eye’ed saberwulf,etc
  2. Speed up the animations of slower fighter’s auto’s like Tusk, Ramm…heck all of S2- and 3’s ultras are slow-perfect
    the game and sell the crap out of it,it will sell
    3 Retro stages would sell a crap load of copies, i would bet my firm buttocks on it
  3. Ultimates,fatalities ,they wont listen but in hence fourth ,more money, alot more money than Shago’s charity drive
  4. Make EAGLE

The idea that calling the disc “definitive edition” in any way prevents a season 4 is pretty weak.


then why wouldnt they wait until s4 is complete to make the definitive edition???

When they include season 4 it wil be the ‘final edition’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So they can sell you a disc - which people have been begging for, by the way.

Because i’ve purchased sf2 sf2 champion edition super street fighter 2 turbo lol. That’s why i don’t think this is the end, besides this is the second time they’ve released this game on a disc. Oh and EYEDOL FOR SEASON 3! YOU HATERS!

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Lol! To be honestly, I’m really nervous to see 8th character’s trailer… My hands are shake…

I know right??? LOL I swear i’m gona crap my pants if i see some wacko guest character.

Or another shadow character! Oh boy, my heart is freakout right now! lol


Eyedol S4?
Not this time… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: