Anyway to beat Gargos?

I am having a hard time beating Gargos, I used Rash, Jago and Omen and he ROFL stomped all 3, I am not too great at fighting games but enjoy them but this Gargos is making me lose my mind…

I,ve read all the “Just get in close”, every time i try he either calls his stupid demons who interrupt everything i try to do or he does his immune grey shield thing and the whole doing one special whilst another is animating is annoying… Example he,ll do his flying across the screen and in the middle of that he,ll activate his shield thing and then do his teleport punches.

How the hell do you even beat him?? I tried blocking and counter attacking but he moves so fast that i cant seem to find a weakness when to counter attack as the second i drop block he just wails on me until im dead.

Seems a completely 1 sided fight to me and WAY unbalanced on “Normal”.

Seems most of the “tips” i,ve read all relying on “cheesing” him some way without actually fighting him properly.

Any tips are appreciated.

You can cheese him by using command grabs, Hisako is best for this since she can combo from one of her command grabs.
With Rash, Jago and Omen, you should have a very solid team to deal with Gargos anyway. Picking the right Guardians to buff your characters is also crucial. You have to understand that SLGargos was built in the arcade-coin-eating boss character model and is difficult on purpose, but there are ways to beat him.

Rash with Snake or Fractured Ward can rip him apart so long as you use his heavy normals well.
Omen with Snake, Bat or Fractured Ward can basically open him up easy with fireballs and slides.
Jago has the best all-round set of the lot. Well timed pokes into shadow meter ender for pressure or straight up damage ender.

I don’t know what resources you’re going in with, but i tend to prefer using Omen with Vampire Bat, medium health boost and medium damage reduction boost if I feel like pushing a lot of buttons. Or Hisako with fractured ward and Influence all day if you want it easy.