Anyone with vast FG knowledge and talent for memes is up for making a sheet like that with KI characters?

I can contribute my suggestions:


Tusk mains love dominating the match and not having to respect most of opponent’s attacks. Not very popular among KI roster, most players don’t realize how powerful he is until they experience their match-ending EX move being luckily deflected and lose against him after receiving 70% damage combo. Picked by fans of Vikings and Arnold Swarzenegger, his fans are sad that he is not yelling “DAH!” anymore. Sometimes after supreming their opponent with no effort they feel guilt and wonder if he really is not OP.


Picked by fans of Dan, Robocop 2 and by ones who want to get his 10$ pricetag’s worth. People losing against him whine about his cheap zoning like they forgot they are not on MKX Steam community hub anymore. From opponent’s perspective his playstyle looks like bunch of mindless gunshots and jumping like an idiot (that they can’t avoid for some reason), when in fact playing him properly requires advanced understanding of KI mechanics. His mains also appreciate his subtle comedic aspect.